Everyone has played a variation of the childhood game “Hide & Seek” at least once… it is played by every culture all across the world. In Nigeria, it’s called ‘oro’, in Ecuador it’s ‘escandidas’, in Bolivia ‘tuja’, and in ancient Greece ‘kryfto’. The rules are simple and are the same as they were a thousand years ago, it takes at least two people to play… one stays and covers or closes their eyes and counts and the others run away and hide. At the end of the countdown the ‘seeker’ searches for the ‘hidden’ players.

I hate hiding, but I am so good at it… I was always hiding in plain sight, a victim of sexual abuse, an unwanted bastard child… yet to all onlookers, I was just a poor little rich kid, who got everything they wanted. If they only knew what reality was for me – hidden in plain sight. Many people hide their sins, acting one way in the righteous crowd and another in their ‘private’ lives – playing “Hide & Seek” with their Heavenly Father… Come on already, like God not the GOAT ‘Greatest Of All Time’ Seekers!

The first “Hide & Seek” game began shortly after the serpent had slithered away from Eve, having completed his dubious work. Eve convinced Adam to take of the fruit too, and their eyes were opened… now the guilt and the shame and the fear of the unknown overtook them. [Genesis 3] We began this conversation last week, as we spoke about Adam and Eve’s weaving together the fig leaves, to hide from each other and then proceeded to hide from God as He walked in the garden.

This week, I want to simply ask, are you still hiding in your garden, in the shade of the tree of death?

You may be good at hiding. You may be able to portray a life that appears to be wonderful, pleasing to everyone living vicariously on social media. You may be wearing the “in” thing and attending the right events, in all the right social circles. You might even be able to successfully carry on a multi-year affair – right under your spouse’s nose… but what you are doing is destroying you from the inside out.

Little by little, fig leaf by fig leaf… brick by brick, you are building walls that turn into towers, that manifest into fortresses… keeping your emotional self and spiritual self, imprisoned. Hiding in plain sight. I know – I know. It was almost 40 years before I was honest and opened up completely about the childhood events that devastated my family, my self-worth, dooming me to a self-made prison – imprisoning the person God intended me to be from ever emerging.

I was hiding from the guilt, the hurt and the shame… feeling that I it was my fault, that I was not valuable or that to speak of it, after so many years of choking it back would be just too grueling of a task… guilt was the guard at the gate, shame was the sword he carried, and the ‘impending’ hurt was the shackles that bound me… In the end we call upon our idols to hide us from the one who sits on the throne – granting us false comfort, false truth, false security. Nothing can be hidden from God.

They called to the mountains and the rocks, “Fall on us and hide us from the face of the one seated on the throne…

The seeker has counted, He has been looking, He has been calling out to you – “Where are you?” He already knows what you are hiding from, and why… be found, stop hiding.

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