It’s difficult to wrap your mind around, but we were not created for pain and suffering. This is why the unexpected death of a loved one or a malefic disease like cancer is so hard to fathom… after all a ‘Loving God’ would not do that, right? God intended for us to be with Him in the garden… to wake up in the presence of the creator, to rise to new heights of understanding – praising Him and to shine in His radiant splendor. Yet somewhere along the way we became corrupted, bankrupt and broken – doomed to walk in the shadows of death and to hide from our creator and weave our own personal fig leaves to cover our guilt and shame.

God still walks the gardens of creation seeking…

The loss from the separation from God creates within us, the worst of human emotions, fear, hatred, shame and guilt. Fear that God will find out what we have done… hatred for being separated from God… shame for realizing that He already knows… guilt because we have pushed Him further away from us. This is Satan’s prison – he binds each of us with these self-applied emotional chains. The apostle Paul encourages us to move out of the shadows of sin and death, and wake from our slumber.

“Awake O’ Sleeper! Rise from the dead, and Christ will shine on you!” – Ephesians 5:14 NET

Again, we were not intended for suffering, after sin entered this world, we were subjected to it. We were created in the image of God… to reflect His glory, to be in fellowship with Him – continually. Once we began to weave our individual ‘fig leaf’ prisons we started to no longer love the image of God within us. To make it easier, let’s try a popular idiom – “You cannot love anyone else until you love… yourself.” Yes! Until you love who you are, and truly love the image of God within yourself you cannot love anyone. If you cannot wake and love the image of God in you – then you will ultimately overlook the image of God in others. Most of us struggle with this. We will put on ‘falsities’ and make ourselves appear righteous.

“Love the Lord God with all your heart, all your soul, and with all your mind… Love your neighbor as yourself.” – Matthew 22:37-38

It may take years to work through the ‘fig leaves’ we have woven, in the shadows… drawing us deeper into the slumber of darkness. It has become second nature, to be more animalistic, reacting harshly and judgmentally – we become more self-centered and self-absorbed looking out for ourselves or immediate family, becoming isolationist, as pain and suffering pull us away from God.

God walks through His creation, consistently, He calls to you & I – “Where are you?” [Genesis 3:9]

So then wake up to the reality of your self-developed situation and rise up to a greater blessing. This is a personalized challenge, encouraging each of us to “wake” from our slumber, remove the fig leaves, stepping out of our hiding places, being unashamed of the image of God within us, as the light of the Son shines upon us … “Awake O’ Sleeper… awake!”

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